Friday, July 4, 2008

Tough decision time.

Time to make some tough decisions. If you will notice, to the right there are a number of blogs that I read. Well, OK, I try to read them, but some blogs have sadly become defunct or nearly so.

It is time (regretfully for some) to cull the list and remove those who are not actively posting. I am removing the following from my list[1]:

Carbon Tet: It was fun and all too brief.
Jungfreudlich: My German speaking friend. Life got in the way. Please come back.
Liberal Arts Chemistry: Incredibly good insight into a world like mine. I have valued your thoughts.
Chemical Musings: Milo closed shop of his own volition. I can't argue with that. Thanks for the ride.
Ithaca Beer Brewers Blog
: Good stuff about brewing, but nothing since May.
Dylan Stiles: The Dylan of Tenderbutton fame that started it all (I think). It just ain't the same.
Chembark: This is tough. I have the magnet and everything. I met the author in Boston. I hope this is temporary.


A Synthetic Environment
: This has always been one of my favorite blogs. I am NOT going to remove it at this time, but I may have to eventually. If I do, I will be sad.

Farewell, my friends. I will continue to monitor these blogs, but will remove them from my list for now.
So, who wants to be my friend and have their blog listed on my list?

Here's one I am going to add. Lisa-tastrophies. She writes good stories and I like to read good stories. I found her blog through Matt's blog.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I added Chemistry and Cooking recently. Sorry, Taitauwai, for not mentioning it in the original post.

[1] If any of these blog authors are still around and do not want to be removed, let me know. But please, post something. We like what you write.


Anonymous said...

I'm still hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Alive and kicking. Friend? 朋友?

Anonymous said...

I got Paul's magnet too. He'll be back. Miss his writing.

Greg the Chemist said...

Oh dear, I knew it would happen some day. Should I stay or should I go? That is the question.

the indefatigable mjenks said...

With that fancy schmancy new list o'blogs over there, you can claim your prize as an award winner, too!

Greg the Chemist said...

Ok, Eric. You've inspired me. Carbon Tet is back in action and will be updated frequently. Now I just have to redeem myself in your good graces.