Thursday, August 7, 2008

A bit paranoid perhaps?

So, the Brett Favre saga is over for now. Favre was traded to the Jets. Fine. There's enough blame to go around for how stupid this whole affair was.

Through this whole ordeal there was talk that he may end up with my beloved Vikings. I was always opposed to that idea. As good as Farve was, I did not want this distraction on my team.

Apparently the Packers were never going to allow Farve to play in Minnesota. That idea must have really freaked them out. It freaked them out so much, that in the deal with the Jets they included a clause that stated if the Jets ever trade Favre to Minnesota, the Packers would get 3 first round draft picks from the Jets!!!!

Wow, someone is a bit paranoid.

Now, for the record let me state that I hope the Vikings pick up the soon to be released Chad Pennington. I've always liked him. He will make a great back up and mentor to T. Jack.


the indefatigable mjenks said...

Mentor him to suck more?

Pennington is horrible. They should go for a proven commodity, like Aaron Rodgers. That guy is hot, hot, hot! And not injury-prone like Chad Pennington. And, I mean, he had a good half, once. Ignore all the other games in which he came in, promptly turned the ball over, or simply pulled another three and out. He's teh awesome!!!11!!!!1!1!!!!1one

And, no, I'm not rooting for the Jets. Ever. You're dead to me, Favre.

Chemgeek said...


OK, we'll have to agree to disagree and while we're at it, disagree to agree on this one.

I do think Rodgers is the best choice for the Packers. Especially twice a season, starting with the season opener.

Pennington is a completely servicable backup. T. Jack is such a mediocre QB. I'm glad our running game holds great promise.

the indefatigable mjenks said...

"I do think Rodgers is the best choice for the Packers. Especially twice a season, starting with the season opener."

Your logic is brilliant and flawless.

True, T. Jack isn't such a great quarterback. And Pennington does at least have experience, so he'd be a good backup. I suppose. Anyway, I heard the Vikes are out to get Pennington. Wouldn't that be funny? They put the trade block on the Jets over Favre and the Vikes end up getting Pennington and then he shreds the secondary twice this season? Yeah, I would laugh at that, too.