Thursday, September 25, 2008

Multitasking tools

Several months ago I upgraded to a nice, new, shiny stainless steel racking cane (this is the thing that gets stuck in carboy while siphoning beer from one container to another). I had a plastic racking cane that was not being used. I decided it needed a use.

There are many uses, but I decided to use it to help clean my fish tank. You may recall we replaced a dead fish with some new fish around here.[1] We did this primarily because dead fish are really boring and eventually smelly.

I try to clean the tank regularly.[2] It is a pain, so I came up with a brilliant solution using my old racking cane.

Here's how it works: I put the racking cane in the fish tank and run the tube out of my deck door. I start the siphon and send the used tank water out to the grass under the deck. The fish stay in the tank. As the water gets lower I add more water to "wash" the rocks and stir up any settled fish poop. Water out, water in. I exchange a few gallons of water to ensure the tank is clean (or almost clean). Finally, I let the tank water get to about 3 inches deep. I cease the siphon and fill the tank with fresh clean (treated) water.

Here are some really crappy pictures to demonstrate my method.
I know, the pictures are lousy, but I think you get the point.

[1] We had 4 but are down to 3.
[2] Hehehehehe, yeah, whatever.


Ψ*Ψ said...

Good idea. Cleaning fishtanks is a pain!

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Ok, not that I ever did this in college*** or anything..... but that looks a lot like the bong we (I mean other people) have tried to make out of plastic tubs/soda bottles/other round plastic things and fish bowls.
Not that I would never do a thing like that...uuhhhmmm, where did I put those cookies.... uh yeah, got to go. The brownies are finished... :-)

total disclaimer: ***That was years and years and years ago.

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to ask dumb question, but wouldn't those tiny fishes got suck out too?

Chemgeek said...

#1 Not a dumb question
#2 There is a "filter" on the bottom that keeps solids from getting sucked into the bottom. The actually opening is ring on the bottom that is only about 2 mm thick.

It is much too small for the fish to fit through, but it could suck the fish against it and hold them there. I still have to be careful with that.