Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just popping in for a bat.. I mean bit.

I'm not really coming out of blogging retirement, but sometime things just need to be shared with the world[1]

Apparently, some dude in the Minneapolis area decided to go all NRA on a bat in his house. While it got the job done, it also got him in a bit of trouble. My favorite part was when he sent his wife upstairs to be safe. I'm pretty sure bats fly near the ceiling which happens to be the floor of the upstairs. Brilliant.

[1] assuming the 'world' is the 3 of you that read this.


MJenks said...

What a Joker.


He should do what the Brothers at Saint Joe would do when they'd get bats in their offices. They'd get a broom, invoke the name of the Lord, and then start swinging.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Seriously, there needs to be some sort of test people have to take before they can be allowed to procreate. I hope he has good home owners insurance.

Oh, and I was going to make tons of bat-theme jokes, but I decided to play nice.

katiedid said...

Wow, not very bright. I'm glad no one in the adjoining townhomes were injured!

Greg the Chemist said...

Haha, I saw that article. Nice to see you posting. Hope you can find time to post more.