Saturday, March 17, 2007


I'm a casual college basketball fan. I listen to enough sports talk radio to know a thing or two about college basketball. At least enough to fill out a tourney bracket.

I'm in a pool with a few friends. There's no money involved so the IRS can call off the dogs. Of the first 32 games, I got 26 right. Not bad, but not great. The good news is, of the teams I was wrong about, I didn't have any of them advancing to the next round anyways.

I picked Ohio State to win it all. Wow, what a gamble.

What I really hate about the NCAA tourney, is having to wait 4 days for the third round. You get this massive flurry of activity during the first four days. Then...NOTHING...until the following Thursday. Another flurry, and then nothing for about a week. I hate having to wait. I know, I'd probably complain if it all happened during one week. I guess I just need to deal with it.


Ψ*Ψ said...

I agree with you about hating the wait. My team (which I'm sure won't go all the way this year) actually made it to the second round, despite being in a horrible slump.

Chemgeek said...

stupid Maryland. Now I'm hosed!! I had them in the final four.

Matt Jenks said...

At least your team made it to the second round. Notre Dame pulled a football-team-like choke against Winthrop. And I had them in the Elite Eight (and lookee could have been possible, too!).

And then Indiana's free-throw woes took both my dogs out of the fight. Even with all that, in one of my brackets, I'm tied for fifth.

Go Butler.