Friday, March 23, 2007

Favorite beers

My wife once asked me what my favorite beer was. Wow, what a loaded question. I told her, that depends. What type are we talking here? Well, I came up with a few categories and my selections in that category. Here are a few of my entries. Keep in mind, there are probably thousands of beers out there that could fit these categories, and many that are better than I have listed. Sadly, I have not tried every beer made. I am only reporting the results of my ongoing research. I will try more beers in the future.

So, my favorites:

Macrobrew: Budweiser
Cheap Macrobrew: Miller High Life Light
National Microbrew: Sam Adams Boston Lager
Regional Microbrew: Summit Extra Pale Ale (St. Paul, MN)
Local Microbrew: Schmaltz's Alt (New Ulm, MN)
Cheap Microbrew: Henry Weinhard's Pale Ale
Import Stout: Guinness
Import non-stout: Heineken
Beer better on tap than in the bottle: Leinenkugel's
Beer I can't buy here in MN: Fat Tire Belgium Ale
Beer I brought home from Germany; Warsteiner
Favorite beer I had while in Germany: All of them!]
Beer I make myself: My Experimental Ale is really, really good (by may standards).
Brewpub beer: the Stout from the now defunct Crane River Brewery in Lincoln, NE.
By Timezone (excluding beers previously mentioned):
Pacific: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Mountain: Moose Drool Brown Ale
Central: Sprecher Black Bavarian
Eastern: Yuengling Porter

There are so many good beers in world. I have surely left many good beers out. The research shall continue.

So, what kind of beer do you like?


Matt Jenks said...

This reminds me that I need to update my online beer list. I'm at least 100 beers behind.

I've been asked this question a ton: "What's your favorite beer out of all those?" I can never answer it. I have to give a conditional answer, much like your own. And, I think the answer changes every time the question is asked.

medchemgirl said...

Why oh why of all the beers in Germany would you choose Warsteiner. I am currently studying in Bavaria, and have had some of the best bier in the world (in my opinion). Have you ever enjoyed a Bock bier from Germany (only available during Lent)? Mmm. so very, very good.

een of andere vent said...

How about Urthel.

And I do not see any Trappist beer (I like La Trappe).

There quite some beers I never tasted though. You can't dispute about taste.