Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I bottled my Pilsner Urquell clone tonight. I still hate bottling. I'm going to be storing a friends kegerator at my house soon. I plan on using it after purchasing a 5 gallon keg. The beauty is I get to skip the bottling process. I look forward to that day.

Tonight, I bottled. But, I also invented a beer drink. I'm sure you have heard of a black and tan (traditionally Harp and Guiness).

I invented a black and black. Yup, I combined a cream stout with an oatmeal stout. It was good. Of course, it was nowhere near as visually appealing as a black and tan. I took a picture, but there is no need to post it. Imagine a 24 ounce glass with what looks like a 24 ounces of a homogeneous stout mixture. To be honest, I'm pretty sure there was no layering as seen in a black and tan.

Bottom line, beer is good.

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Matt Jenks said...

Creamy oatmeal stout. I'll bite. Or drink.

I've heard that stout and Belgian tripel go well together. It might be the only way I can drink a tripel.