Sunday, April 1, 2007

Variety, delicious variety.

I've got a fully stocked beer cellar. I am very proud of my selection. I decided to take a picture of all of my beer. Here it is:

The beers in the pint glasses are mine. The beers in the large mugs were brewed by a friend of mine. The beers are, from left to right:
Bavarian Helles
Belgian white
Pilsner Urquell clone
American Pale Ale
Extra Special Bitter
Anchor Steam clone
Brown Ale
Fat Tire Clone
Oatmeal Stout
Irish Stout
My Experimental Ale (more porter than stout)

Not pictured: My cream stout and pale ale. Not enough room.

I took a lot of pictures trying to get the camera settings just right. I had the beers sitting on my wife's light box. I might try this again sometime. It can be photographed better. A couple of other pictures I took are shown below:

This one made me think of the type of poster one would find in a dorm room in the 80's. I'm nor sure why.

This on is now my new desktop picture. I left it big in case anyone wants to use it on their desk top. Just give me a plug if you do :)

This is the same as the other lineups, but with less glare.


Ψ*Ψ said...

Why is it that reading your blog makes me thirsty?
Nice pics, by the way.

Matt Jenks said...

Looks like someone's been enjoying the Belgian white.

An impressive array. It reminds me of the "beer page" on Mishawaka Brewing Company's website (except theirs has more faux wood and Notre Dame references).

een of andere vent said...

I love my own moonshine, but this brewing is real ART!

Liquidcarbon said...

mmmmmm.... beer....