Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Things I hate

During this time of year, things get busy. The semester is ending in the typically frantic manner, and I have little time to do things not related to school. I'm not complaining. That's just the nature of my job.

It seems that during this time of year, I'm reminded of things I really hate. Here are a few examples:

I hate fantasy football. My team had a great week but got creamed in the first round of playoffs nonetheless.
I hate football pick 'em leagues. I really suck.
I hate grading papers. I assign papers because it very important that our students be able to write and practice makes perfect. But, I hate reading these. I don't know how the folks in the English department handle it. It drives me nuts.
I hate needing one simple item from Wal-mart (or any store) and having to deal with the horrid hoards of people. I'm a big (and the like) fan.

On a happy note, I plan on brewing tonight. During the partial mash and boil periods, I will read and grade papers. Sounds like fun....

On a totally random note, the movie Tron is awesome. I just watched it again (like I said, I'm very busy). For a 1982 movie, it is superb.

1 comment:

the other anonymous said...

Me thinks there is a tad bit of bitterness in your post. Keep in mind that you are still ahead of my brother in the pick-em!

And yes, Tron is sweet.