Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Brett Frave finally does something classy.... he retires. The freakin' Packers greatest assest AND greatest liability (case in point: the recent NFC championship game) finally retires.

Was Farve good? Yes. Was he the best ever? Well, he and Marino are #1 and #2 in a couple of stat categories but between the two, they have 1 (one) Superbowl ring. So, no. He wasn't the best ever. The best QBs find ways to lead their team to victory when it matters the most. Not throw an interception during overtime of the NFC championship game.

Why do I dislike Faver so much? I'm a Viking fan. 'nuf said.

However, rFave is also the recipient of some of the most blatant ass kissing ever. It isn't his fault, but he does receive some collateral hatred for it. The biggest Bretrt Fave ass kisser is Madden. Seriously, Madden would have Frarvre's children if he had ovaries. And it is vomit inducing to hear sports commentators (96% of whom are all idiots anyways) say things like "Brett Fave really has a lot of fun out there r" as if to say no one else has fun in the NFL and he is the only one capable of loving the game. Give me a break. UPDATE: Case in point. The stupidest line from that story: "...what made Favre special...was that he loved the game." So, basically there is no one left playing that loves the game. Really? Micheal Rosenberg, you are an idiot.

So, I have only to put up with a few weeks of more rBrett Fave ass kissing and then probably some crap at Lambeau during the season, but then it can rest.

Good bye you jackass. Try shaving.

oh and ... Now you and Madden can make out all year long!!!!


the other anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that your are not a bitter Vi-queens fan!

mjenks said...

I heard one of the local sports idiots today claiming that last year was a fraud because Favre only came back to break Marino's records.

My response:


Notice the link-love you've garnered.

Chemgeek said...

#1) yes I am bitter and have been for 16 years.

#2) Despite my dislike for Favre (there, I spelled it correctly) I don't buy the "came back to break Marino's record" stuff. Every player has the right to break records (without cheating). Favre didn't limp through a season just to break the record. He was still as productive as ever. It would be fair to criticize him if he was physically unable to compete, but still signed up for another year and limped through a terrible year just to get a record.

That is different.

Thanks for the link.