Monday, March 31, 2008

Taxes and thermodynamics

It's been over a week since I posted last. I've been busy.

I spent most of my time tonight getting ready to get my taxes done. I figured 15 days before the deadline is a good time to start.

I used to do my taxes by myself. That got to be a real pain. I finally decided to pay someone to do it, and I will NEVER do my taxes by myself again. The cost is completely worth it.

I also spent my night prepping for a thermodynamics lecture in General Chemistry. I hope to talk intelligently about what free energy really is. ∆G = ∆H – T∆S. Am I a nerd if I think that equation is sexy? Probably, but the things that are implied by that simple equation make my tummy tickle.... Yup, it's worse than I thought. I am a major nerd. Oh well, I think my students are getting used to me. They actually laughed in class today when I tried to use "The Force" to pick up a piece of chalk. They thought that was funny, but I was serious... and disappointed when The Force failed me.

If you haven't noticed, I only posted this post because I feel bad for not posting something for over 7 days. There is nothing of value in this post.


milkshake said...

Nex time buy Turbotax - the CD is much cheaper than tax adviser. It walks you through, for about $30, question-by-question ,like a tax advisor would.
The progream updates itself automatically online, to be uptodate with the most recent changes. You print out you return or file online and then you can pass your CD onto your friend.

Chemgeek said...

I've used Turbotax in the past. The complicating issue is my wife has a home business. Our tax guy has helped us out a lot and saved us more money than I would have on my own. The first year I went to him, I first did my taxes using Turbotax and then had him do it. I missed a lot of stuff.

Now it's a time and convenience issue.

the incomparable mjenks said...

That's okay. There's nothing of value in my entire blog.

Back when I was working at the bookstore, I needed a stapler to staple together a lady's credit card receipt and her register receipt (I was just that nice), but the stapler was at the next register over. So I reached out and acted like I was trying to use the Force, and the girl at the next register (the extremely attractive Jessica) sighed, rolled her eyes, and handed me the stapler.

"Why do you do that if you know it's not going to work?" she asked.

"I got the stapler over here, didn't I?" I responded.

Chemgeek said...

Maybe that wasn't "The Force" but it was "A Force!"

It got the job done.

Liberal Arts Chemist said...

Yeah, my taxes were a bit more complicated this year because of travel related to my sabbatical and research expenses. It was nice to have someone who actually knew what they were doing decide if the pizza I bought 12.3.8 could be deducted against my other income. I don't think it is the finding of more deductions that made me feel good as much as the fact that I would continually second guess my own work. 'Course I might be completely delusional about the reliability of my tax preparer. But then again, isn't all faith delusional?

the incomparable mjenks said...

Exactly. And she was much better looking than Yoda.