Monday, May 19, 2008

I am now anti "go green"

I think of a lot of things. Recently, when the trees were finally forming leaves[1], I was thinking about chlorophyll. The area is finally turning green and the amount of chlorophyll being produced by trees is no doubt in the "ton" range.[2]

I got to thinking about the visible spectrum of chlorophyll a and b. Here is a picture from Wikipedia:
Do you notice anything? Look at the spectrum again and think about it for a second.

Let me ask you this: Why do leaves (most of them) look green?

Yup, because they don't absorb the green wavelengths of light. They don't absorb anything in the 500-550 nm range. In other words, green plants reject the color green!!!!

Allow me to personify. Plants hate green and they will have nothing to do with it. That is why they do not absorb green wavelengths of light. Plants DO like blue and red light. They absorb those wavelengths with glee. Plants hate green and love blue and red.

If you care about plants (and I hope you do because your survival depends on them) you should have the courtesy to reject what plants reject: GREEN.

I'm in favor of plants so I will not "Go Green" for anything. I will "Go Red and Blue". That's what plants like, and I like plants.

[1] We're still waiting for solid Spring weather.
[2] That would be an interesting calculation to figure out what mass of chlorophyll (all types) are stored in one tree.


Ψ*Ψ said...

ha! never thought of it that way :)

milkshake said...

It has an excellent commentary why plants are not too eager to absorb all green light.

Pesonally, I think it was also an accident of evolution that is settled on Mg-porphyrines and carotenoids, but the system must have been effective enough - the green part of the spectra was dispensible because the light there is not as abundant or the most energetic one.

Another interesting speculative look is here, about how the plants may look on alient planets:

the indefatigable mjenks said...

Plants love blue and red.

Blue light and red light can be found in white liight.

Plants love America.

markmier said...

... and France, and Great Britain, and...

Chemgeek said...

please, let's not involve the French in this discussion.

Go Anti-Green said...

If you really want to go anti-green, you should check out the anti green movement!