Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Dear reader,

Grading sucks.

Your pal,



milkshake said...

I just finished writing my part of patent experimental procedures for our project. The chemistry was mind-numbing (tons of analogs made by amide couplings) and writing up these experimentals also required taking and then transcribing NMRs of 40+ compounds, with all coupling constants and crap. After few days of this effort I felt like if a large cabbage has wilted inside my head.

the indefatigable mjenks said...

just to let you know, my synthetic sequence, which should be able to be done by an undergrad, sucks as well. On some of these steps, I'd kill for a 5% yield.

for our experimentals (I'll be doing the same within a month), we have the NMR programs set up so that they just dump the coupling constants, splitting patterns, and intergration into a .pdf. It's very handy.

Chemgeek said...

I must admit, I would probably choose grading finals over dealing with the minutia of experimentals. It has been a while since I wrote some, but the NMR data alone can drive one a bit insane.

The program of which mjenks speaks would have been nice several years ago as I slogged through my dissertation. Good times...good times....