Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

This is shaping up to be a Christmas to remember for us Midwesterners. After getting almost 8 inches of snow last night, the second wave has just started. We can expect to get 10-12 more inches by Saturday. I'm running out of places to put all of this snow. My driveway is bordered by a 3-4 foot wall of snow. The kids love it.

Thankfully, we have no travel plans, we have a pantry full of food, and I have plenty of beer. Unless our roof collapses from the weight of the snow, we will just hunker down and wait it out... while drinking beer. At least I will.

Merry Christmas everyone.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Sounds like perfect weather for some porters. Or some port. Or some brandy.

Just be sure to dress appropriately when shoveling your driveway.

Chemgeek said...

Ha!!! That is scary.

Gwen said...

Merry Christmas, Chemgeek! I miss the days we'd get snowed in. Enjoy!

Adam L. said...

We're currently here too!

We drove here from Illinois - the day started with rain, which turned into freezing rain near the IL-WI border, which turned to blowing snow near Madison, which finally became regular dang snow when we got to Minnesota!

Only almost died once.

katiedid said...

I'm on the ND/ MN border and we got royally dumped on. The snow in the backyard is up to the top of my 3' garden fence. I am not looking forward to shoveling the sidewalk and driveway but we're having a blast being snowed in: movies, turkey leftovers, and Wii. What more could you ask for?