Friday, February 19, 2010

My newest activity

I've found a new outlet for all of the information floating around in my head.
I do homework for desperate/lazy students.

Yahoo Answers is a website that allows users to ask any kind of question. You may have heard of it.

If you go to the chemistry section (and I'm sure this is true of any area) there are all sorts of questions from users that clearly came off of a homework assignment. I'm sure most of these come from students too lazy to figure it out on there own.

That doesn't stop me. I answer them. Sometimes I answer them correctly. Sometimes, I don't.

Basically, it amuses me. Try it sometime.


MJenks said...

I used to do this, too. I was kind of bored at times in grad school since cross metatheses didn't happen right away.

I was good, though. I answered honestly and correctly.

I fail.

Dr Zibbs said...

I hate when I'm searhing for something and Yahoo Answers comes up.

nanofreak said...

I have done this myself, however in other sections. The more clueless the person seems, the more likely I am to bullshit them.

marcus said...

That is awesome. I 2 hate when Yahoo answers comes up.