Saturday, February 13, 2010


OK, I'm not going to totally quit blogging. But, I am going to fall into the typical pattern of a dying blog. I'll sporadically blog until I totally stop. It could get ugly and uncomfortable. Feel free to just look away.

Beside, I still have things to say that the world cannot do without!

First of all, which USA state has provided the most olympians for the 2010 Winter olympics in Vancouver?

If you said any state other than Minnesota, you would be wrong.

Minnesota has provided 21 world class athletes to represent the USA in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics. That's more than any other state. Many are involved in hockey or curling, but a few are involved in skiing. Curling and hockey make sense, but the skiing doesn't. The longest ski run in Minnesota is about 35 feet.

Here's one of them skiers:
hmmmmm. I don't think this picture of Lindsay Vonn was taken in Minnesota. Not even the Duluth area.

Secondly, apparently the NBA is running its All-star game. Sorry, the world quit caring about that in 1988.


katiedid said...

Go Minnesota! My favorite neighboring state. :)

Ψ*Ψ said...

Not surprising...your state is pretty big, and it's REALLY COLD THERE!

Adam L. said...

Of course we have the most athletes! We just didn't say anything about it because we're so modest.

Glass Bottles said...

I feel you on the sporadic posting and the lack of interest in the NBA... Hope yo enjoy the winter games!

MJenks said...

Land of 10,000 lakes...and one really hot alpine skier.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, curling "athletes" don't count as world-class. Curling, much like bowling (billiards, darts, shuffleboard), is a hobby, not a sport.

Chemgeek said...

Dear Anonymous,

Shut up!!!



[There, that should stop people from pissing on my parade.]

Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't want to rain on your parade. And I love watching curling; but we all know it would be a much better "sport" (read hobby) in the Olympics if they were drinking beer while trying to sweep.

Chemgeek said...

OK, there is no way I can argue that curlers are "world-class athletes." I admit that. If you consider one of the women curlers is 5 months pregnant.. well, it takes great skill, but not athletic skill on par with a skier or something. no doubt about it.

If they finish a case of beer during the match, that would make curling a lot more interesting.