Tuesday, January 23, 2007

337 Calorie State of the Union Address

I did a little experiment tonight. I rode an exercise bike while watching the State of the Union Address to see how many Calories I could burn during the speech. I don't get political very often (I don't dislike politics, but I do tend to dislike politicians. They annoy me), but I do try to watch every State of the Union Address.

Anyways, I jumped on my recently purchased Schwinn 213 recumbent bike and started peddling. I set the bike program to "Pikes Peak." This wasn't such a good idea. The program starts out at "ahhh, what a nice ride" and over the course of an hour, ramps up the resistance to "kill me now!" Thankfully, Bush is no Clinton. A 90 minute address would have killed me. Bush's 50 minute address was just about right.

When all was said and done, the computer told me I had spent 337 Calories of energy (that's about 1400 kJ). From now on, this is how I will measure all State of the Union Addresses.


Russ said...

Maybe more appropriate to convert energy units to liters of methane?

By my reckoning the SOTUA burned the equivalent of 37 L of CH4!

Matt Jenks said...

Well...someone has to say it. That's a lot of hot gas!

Chemgeek said...

From Bush or the methane?

Anonymous said...

I use my BioTrainer (www.BioTrainerUSA.com) to count caloric burn... but would never do it during a Presidentlal address. Bush would put me to sleep and I'd fall off the bike!