Sunday, January 7, 2007

Firefox, good. Safari, not as good

I just made the permanent switch to Firefox (the browser, not the movie) as my means for navigating the internet. I was using Safari, but eventually the limitations really started to annoy me. Once I started writing this blog, I had to make the switch. Safari makes editing anything impossible.

I'm not going to switch to the evil empire of Microsoft and use IE, and Netscape is so 1998.

So far, I love Firefox 2. It does more than Safari does and it doesn't do some of the annoying things Safari does. I like it.


Ψ*Ψ said...

Yay for beer! You're linked. :)

Chemgeek said...

sweeeeeeeet. Thanks

Todd Schwier said...

Now you just need to pimp out your browser. Might I suggest the Homeland Security Terrorism Threat Level Indicator. And Mouse Gestures, fear the power of the gestures.

Pies said...

What about Opera? It has tabbed browsing and all that, but doesn't eat memory the way Firefox does.