Saturday, February 3, 2007

mmmmmmmmmm urine!!!!!!!

There are so many reasons not to become a meth addict, but here's one more.
It's a new way to get meth. Some people drink the meth-tainted urine outright to get high. Others filter the drug back out through the cooking process.

Thanks to the folks from WCCO-TV in Minneapolis for giving me another reason to not use meth.


Matt Jenks said...

How would you get the flavor of meth-tainted urine out of your mouth? Or would you even care at that point? I can't imagine that if the guy (because you know a man came up with that) smokes. Mmmmm...his mouth would smell like a piss-soaked ashtray. And nothing says "sexy" like used cigarette butts floating in a trough at a sporting event.

This will just be one more reason that I give to the kids when we have our continued "don't do drugs" talks.

Matt Jenks said...

Huh. I just realized something else after thinking a moment. The TV station in Minneapolis has a W leading it's call signs. Interesting, as Minneapolis is west of the Mississippi River, which is the demarcation line I always remembered learning about when growing up. This is reinforced when I read Bill Bryson books and he talks about the different tv and radio stations that come out of Des Moines versus Rockford, IL. That's all very interesting, at least to someone like me who catalogues useless information in his brain. I wonder if the rule is fudged since Minnesota straddles the river. Is the same done for Louisiana, then? Curiouser and curiouser.

Chemgeek said...

The "W" or "K" rule seems to be very fuzzy. MOST of Minneapolis is west of the ol' Miss and MOST of St. Paul is east. From what I know about the history of radio stations (and most TV stations in the Twin Cities grew out of radio stations and kept the call letters) the W/K rule was followed. Over time, these stations move around geographically but retained their original call letters. The same happened with the TV stations.

The way I remember the W/K rules is from the TV show theme song "W-K-R-P in Cincinnati"

Woller's Disciples said...

Your India Pale Ale...out of a possible 5 beer bottles what would you give it?
Out of a possible 5 stars...what would you give your own urine?

Chemgeek said...

IPA: 3
urine: 4

Matt Jenks said...

Is that the urine before of after downing a few IPA?

Here's a question for the GC/LS minded among the lupulins make it through the body unscathed? Is there hops oil in our urine? I think I smell (unfortunately) an experiment in the offing.

Ψ*Ψ said...

Woller's disciples: one of your undergrads?