Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Time to experiment

It's time to clean out the cupboard. Here is what I am going to mix together.

6 lb amber DME
4 oz Roasted Barely
4 oz Chocolate malt
8 oz Crystal malt 120°L
8 oz Crystal malt 55°L

Chinook or Perle hops for bittering
Cascade for flavor, aroma and dry hopping

Safale US-56 yeast

I posted this recipe on the Northern Brewer forum. From the feedback, it looks like I am making an American Brown Ale. That sounds good to me. I'm going to brew this tomorrow.


Matt Jenks said...

So, this is an original recipe? Keen. That's one reason why I haven't gotten into homebrewing (yet) because I don't know if I'd be able to cobble up my own stuff or not. When it comes to cooking and the like, I'm usually one who likes to mix and match flavors on the fly; I don't follow recipes to the letter very often, and from my limited exposure to/experience with homebrewing, it doesn't seem like there's that wiggle room.

Chemgeek said...

I love to cook and I cook the same way you do. Recipes are guides. Homebrewing is not too different. Greater attention must be made to the ingredients, but experimenting is what makes it fun. The problem is, one must wait 2-3 weeks before the beer can be tasted. When making soup, the soup can be tasted immediately after adding the salt.