Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fat Tire Clone #3 bottled

I finally got my Fat Tire Clone #3 in bottles. It tasted much better than my first two attempts. I hope it conditions well. I will know in about 2 weeks.

I made a "discovery" of sorts: a 22 oz bottle holds more than a 12 oz bottle, and the larger volume means fewer bottles. OK, I know. It's nothing an average moron couldn't have figured out, but I never considered using larger bottles.

Well, now I do. I do this for two reasons.

#1 22 ounces is larger than 12 ounces and there are fewer bottles to fill.
#2 One method to acquire 22 oz bottles is to drink really good beer. There are a lot of good craft beers that are sold in 22 oz sizes. One brand is Rogue Beer. They make some very good beer and in a lot of styles. Emptying their 22 oz bottles is a rather satisfying experience (especially the Younger's Special Bitter) The only problem with using their bottles is the label is printed directly onto the bottle. I'm going to see what a little dichloromethane does to it. If the DCM doesn't take it off, then it wasn't meant to be removed.


Matt Jenks said...

You could always try the magic concoction of 90% DCM, 9% MeOH and 1% NH4OH. And then sonicate the whole thing.

Chemgeek said...

It's worth a try. I'll have to wait until the beer is out of them. I'm not sure what a sonicated full hmmmmmmmm. I think I have an idea ;)

Matt Jenks said...

Oh, by the way, I forgot to add: Let me put on my so-sorry-for-you face for just HAVING to drink all those Rogue beers out of the 22 oz bottles. :-D

Anonymous said...

When I buy a Fat Tire 22oz (aka "bomber") I mentally deduct $1 from the retail price because that is what it would cost to purchase the bottle at the local homebrew store.