Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Condition critical

I bottled my Experimental Ale #2 tonight (FG 1.018). It tasted quite good. A bit too bitter right now, but that should mellow out over time.

With this beer in the bottle, I find myself in a terrible situation. I have NO beer in any carboy. My beer pipeline is dry. I may try to scrounge up some ingredients for another experimental beer tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I have what I need.

The lack of brewing has been a result of being busy and not having the ingredients I want. I could order them, but I have grand plans and I'm afraid the shipping charges may be too high. I am going to get ingredients for 3-4 batches. In addition, I am going to buy dry malt extract (DME) in bulk. A 55 lb bag costs about $135. Since I use about 6 pounds in each batch, this will supply 9 batches. In addition to that, I plan on trying my hand at partial mash brewing. This requires more grains (and less DME so my 55 lbs will last longer).

The bottom line is, it will be cheaper for me to drive to the supply store instead of having it shipped. I just need to find the time to do so.

I also hope to get back to blogging about some brewing chemistry things as well.


ElderChemGeek said...

Have you thought of becoming a "brewer in residence"? I will provide you with all the ingredients and supplies. You provide me beer and help me move my stuff. Oh yeah, and you have to leave your wife and kids and move to MA – but just until the end of the summer.

Chemgeek said...

And end up homeless like you? Forget it!

elderchemgeek said...

Ok, since you won't come I'll have to resort to plan B:

I’ll be driving by this place overnight on the way home from work. It’s maybe not as fun or flexible as doing it at home, but you also won’t have the wort bumping all over the stove (or behind as the case may be).

Chemgeek said...

I checked out the site. I'm sooooooo happy to see they brew "chemical free" beer.

Sometimes the ignorant amuse me.