Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Experimental Ale #2

The first time I brewed my experimental ale, I was very pleased. It turned out being one of my best brews ever. I decided to repeat it tonight using what I had on hand.

The recipe is as follows:

2 oz chocolate malt
6 oz roasted barley
1 lb crystal malt (50/60)
3 lb Amber DME
3 lb Dark DME
4 oz Pale DME
0.5 oz Chinook pellet hops (12.0%) Bittering
0.5 oz Kent Goldings (6.9%) Bittering
0.5 oz Willamette (4.6%) Bittering
0.5 oz Kent Goldings (6.9%) Flavor
1.0 oz Cascade (6.4%) aroma
Safale US-56 dry yeast

I will admit, this is an eclectic mix of ingredients, but I needed to get rid of some of this stuff. I cleaned the hops out of my freezer. The dark DME I bought from a local hobby shop that was going out of business. The only ingredient I purchased especially for this batch was the amber DME.

I will provide an update in a few weeks.


Matt Jenks said...

I should stick to reading your blog early in the morning, when my mind hasn't been polluted by organic chemistry.

I asked myself "Why the hell is he putting dark dimethoxyethane in his wort? And how does it get dark, anyway?"

Yeah. I'm sad.

Chemgeek said...

Hah!! That's funny because I think the same thing every time I use "DME" (dry malt extract).

Matt Jenks said...

I guess it could be dimethyl ether, too, but that doesn't usually come dark, as far as I know.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one whose mind has been perverted by chemistry when it comes to beer! :)