Friday, June 29, 2007

Lord Stanley's Mug

I was driving home from Home Depot with 85% of the items I needed to install a toilet in my partially finished basement when I heard on the radio something I had totally forgotten. The Stanley Cup was coming to my town.

For those of you who don't know what the Stanley Cup is...shame on you. It is the trophy given to the National Hockey League championship team. It is easily the most historic trophy with the most tradition. When won, each player on the winning teams roster gets to spend 24 hours with the trophy. They can do almost anything they want with it. Most take it "back home" and show to friends and fans.

Ryan Carter was a member of the championship Anaheim Ducks. He was also from White Bear Lake, Minnesota and played his college hockey at the local university in my town. He brought the cup here today.

I got to the event right at noon after running home to quickly grab a camera. I situated myself about 15 feet from the table and waited for the cup to arrive. After waiting almost an hour, I decided "screw this, I have a toilet to install." So, I left. On my way out, I decided to wait outside for 5 minutes. During that time, the cup arrived.

I was close enough I could have spit into it. It was pretty cool to see the most hallowed sports trophy in person.

Here are some pictures. I took all of them myself. I would have taken more, but my batteries died. After taking these pictures outside, I left and installed my toilet. It works.


synthetic environment said...

Using the cup as a toilet or spittoon for 24 hours would be luxurious.

Jordan said...

Up here it's known simply as "The Cup".

Matt Jenks said...

I remember one of the Hurricanes telling a member of the local media down here " really don't want your kid drinking out of the cup."

I didn't go see it while it was here, which will probably be one of those things that I'll regret in 100 years while laying on my deathbed.