Thursday, July 5, 2007

Finally, my pipeline is full

With the end of semester craziness and beginning of summer craziness, my beer pipeline nearly dried up. I recently remedied this.

Behold, my brewing beer:

From left to right: bitter, pale ale, India pale ale, and honey wheat.

Another angle:

The bitter is in the secondary and the others are in their primaries.


Anonymous said...

You must be a generous man, because at the rate that you brew, I couldn't image that you consume even half of what you create..


Chemgeek said...

Of course, when I get to the end of a very good batch, I curse myself for giving it away.

A-non-y-mous said...

Just out of curiosity: how long can/do you wait before cracking open a newly botled beer?

I can usually wait about 1 week, but this time I'm going for 2. Ideally it'd be about a month, but I have no willpower. When the last of a certain batch is drying up, I always wish that I hadn't had any early on (even though it was still good).

Also, how did partial-mash turn out?

Jeff said...

Those are beautiful pictures