Sunday, October 28, 2007

Brew weekend

I brewed my Guinness Stout clone on Saturday night and bottled my Carbon Black Oatmeal stout. I have two batches to bottle during the next few days.

Here's my Guinness Stout recipe. It's from Clone Beers by Tess and Mark Szamatulski. Normally, when I clone a beer, I simply try to get close. If I get something I like, I do little to try to get it to be a perfect match. Cloning Guinness, however, is a different story. I want it to be as close as I can get it. Therefore, I try to follow the recipe as closely as possible. Here is the partial mash recipe I used:

1.5 lb 2-row British pale malt
12 oz. roasted barley
4 oz. 55°L crystal malt
4 oz. flaked barley
3 oz acid malt
4 lb Mountmellick LME
1 oz Target hops
0.5 oz Kent Golding hops
WYeast 1084 Irish ale

My Carbon Black Oatmeal
Partial Mash:
3 lb 2 Row British Pale Malt
1 lb flaked oats
8 oz. Munich malt
4 oz Belgian Special B malt
8 oz. roasted barley
3 lb Dark DME
0.5 lb Light DME
1 oz Bullion hops (6 AAU) (60 minutes)
0.5 oz Willamette (4 AAU) (15 minutes)
WYeast 1098

This is a lot of stout, but it will all be ready for the cold of winter when a nice full bodied stout is just what the weather ordered.


mjenks said...

Have you ever had Storm King stout from Victory?

With all due respect, it blows Guinness out of the water.

Chemgeek said...

I have not, but I will search for it around here. Odds are I won't find it, but maybe I'll get lucky.

Chemgeek said...

On the way to my dentist, I stopped at my "If it isn't here, it isn't anywhere" liquor store. No luck. Their microbrew selection has increased significantly over the years, but they don't have this one.

Your testimonial has me significantly intrigued.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe. I'll been avoiding PMing to keep my brewing simple but my desire to utilize a few speciality malts and flaked adjuncts may ultimately put me on the road to all grain.

Anonymous said...

previous post: "I've been"

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I really want to try this Guinness clone -- what were your fermentation specs (temp & time)? Did you do a secondary?

Chemgeek said...

I fermented at about 66-68°F for 8 days and racked to a secondary. I put this in a basement closet at about 60° F for 1 week.