Thursday, February 21, 2008


In the last 5 days I have brewed three batches of beer. A dark lager and a cream ale twice.

I experimented with my cream ale. As it turns out a number of my friends and family loved my first batch. So, I decided to do two batches back to back and experiment a little.

The difference between the two is:

In the first I used Yakima Magnum as the bittering hop and in the second I used Northern Brewer.

In the first I added 4 oz of maltodextrin. In the second I added none.

I want to see what difference the hops and maltodextrin make. Everything else was the same.

In other words, I am fine-tuning this recipe and hope to have it perfected soon. When I do, I'll need to name it.


mjenks said...

"Carbene Cream"

Chemgeek said...

I don't know.
It's good, but it's missing something.... like 2 electrons!!!


milkshake said...

Maltodextrin should help with the mouthfeel.

For the same reason Matheson XXX Stout contains ridiculous quantities of added lactose, to the point of becoming syrupy. I think it was a good idea of them to use low-sweetening sugar but they are overdoing it.

mjenks said...

Maybe the cream ale is so good, it knocks the electrons right out of ya!

Chemgeek said...

Great. Just what we need. An oxidizing beer. I'll just add some green tea to counter that.

mjenks said...

The oils from the hops should counteract the oxidizing by the beer. Lots and lots of aromatics in there to suck up stray electrons.

Being a knurd is fun, sometimes.