Saturday, February 23, 2008

And the winner is....


I decided to make something light and refreshing. Something as clean and crisp and as a cleansing as a spring rain.

A little bit about kölsch. Technically, I cannot call it "kölsch" unless I go to Köln (Cologne) Germany and brew it there. That's not likely, but it would be awesome. A kölsch-styled beer is a lightly hopped, straw-colored ale that pretends to be a lager. This is what I will make.

I have 4 different batches in the pipeline right now. So, this endeavor will have to wait for a few weeks. I will keep you posted.

I also need to research recipes. BYO magazine had some good suggestions a few issues ago. I may look at those and formulate something.


marcus said...

Great to see you decided on a kolsh. I was not a fan until I brewed the style. Recently, I have experimented bottling with different sugars (honey, molasses, maple) and for some reason honey does well with the kolsh style. If you try this I would like to hear what happens. Cheers

mjenks said...

I'm impressed on two levels.

1) You're brewing a kolsch. Excellent choice.

2) If point number one didn't show you, I'm impressed that you were able to umlaut the o (and check out how I just turned umlaut into a verb!).

Chemgeek said...

I love verbing nouns!