Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Several tidbits

I've been away from blogging for a while. I have a reason. Read the following tidbits for more.


My Thanksgiving sucked. 75% of my children got sick with something. In one case, my 5-week old needed a urgent surgical (non-emergency) procedure. The local pediatric surgeon was enjoying the holiday and couldn't be bothered. So, our pediatrician sent us to Rochester. The Mayo clinic is located in Rochester, MN. The Mayo clinic is one of the top medical facilities in the world. Kings stop by on a regular basis to have their colons examined.

If you live in the Midwest (USA) and a doctor sends you to Rochester, it is because you either had your arms removed by a farm implement or you have a disease that has not yet been named. In other words, you don't get sent to Rochester unless you have a dire medical situation. To hear a doctor say my infant son had to "go to Rochester" scared the shit out of me. In my mind, that translated into "this is a critical situation and your son is in a dire medical situation. Failure to act now will endanger his life." Well, it wasn't that serious. The threat was not imminent, but it was serious enough that we couldn't wait until Monday.

Long story short... after a visit with no fewer than 4 doctors on Friday and an unplanned follow up today, I am delighted to say his only major problem is that he is still related to me. He should recover fully.


My Thanksgiving sucked (sorry to be redundant). My three year old started vomiting in the morning on turkey day and continued to do so every 45-60 minutes for about 24 hours. I felt so bad for her, but I was sooooo proud of her for hitting the bucket every single time. I stayed up helping her all night. This was the night before the preceding story took place. I was very tired.


When we took our son to Rochester, we were expecting that he would need surgery. Therefore, we could not feed him. He eats every 2 hours and this was torture for him and us, but mostly for him. While he was screaming in the ER, I discovered one of the greatest medical inventions of all time: sugar water. The nurse brought us something called "sweet-ease." Cute huh? It was just 24% sucrose in water. She dipped the pacifier in the sweet nectar, plugged it in his mouth and he sucked like he had never sucked before. He fell asleep even though he was 4 hours late for food. The sugar water induces a strong sucking reflex which induces, as far as I can tell, a state of euphoria (just for you mjenks).


To add to all of this, my youngest daughter has a chest cold. She sounds like she has been a 2-pack a day smoker for 10 years. I feel so bad for her, but she does sound kind of cool when she talks. Her spirits are high (so are mine thanks to Mr. Daniels, he he he he), and she is getting better.


Don't you hate it when people talk and talk and talk about their kids. Thanks for reading.


I realize none of this has to do with Chemistry or Homebrew, but for me, writing it has been theraputic. I promise, once things slow down, I will post something interesting. I actually do have a post almost ready about how Irish Moss works. I just need the time to pull it together. I also racked a spiced ale tonight. It tasted pretty good.


Liberal Arts Chemist said...

There is something so visceral and emotional about having a young child in discomfort in a way that leaves you helpless. When Our youngest boy was about 1 year old he had a fresh cup of tea spilled on him and he got a serious scald to his arm.

He was in pain and there was nothing we could do to comfort him. And then we were sent to the burn ward. Two things about the burn ward ...

1) Flamazene: (Silver Sulphadiazine 1.0%w/w) is an amazing topical medication that INSTANTLY takes away the pain of first and second degree burns. It was amazing and we wept.

2) Pediatric burn wards will break your heart. We were never so aware of how blessed we were then spending time with the parents of children that had serious burns. It was amazing and we wept.

Sorry your Thanksgiving sucked. At least you can look forward to a stable govenment. Our National Kindergarten which currently functions as our government has decided at this moment in history, on the brink of a generationally defining financial crisis, to go certifiably insane. Light a candle for the Great White North.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I have to admit...I clicked the link not looking at where it was to take me. Awesome. Well done, sir, well done.

Also...egad. I hope everyone is feeling better (we have coughs and sniffles and my wife is down sick and I'm sure I'm soon to follow, but the holiday itself was without incident).

Gwen said...

Here via mjenks who proclaimed his love for you today. Sorry to hear about the kiddos but I'm glad it all worked out and you have homebrews to help you forget.

Dr. Kev said...

Please let us know what the hospital charges for the Sweet-ease. I'll take the over at $10.

katiedid said...

The only people who like to hear about other people's kids are people who have kids. I'm sorry your holiday was crappy but I'm glad everyone is on the mend.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

I am sorry the kids were feeling bad, but very excited to read that everyone will be OK. At least it was a Thanksgiving to be thankful :-)

I am sure Mjenks is in heaven with the link. Fairly certain we may never hear from him again once he clicks on it.

Chemgeek said...

Liberal Arts: You have a gift with words. And I wept also. It was impossible not to.

mjenks: I'm not sure what inspired me... oh wait. yeah, I know, Leelee.

Gwen: thanks for stopping by and the well wishes. I appreciate it.

Dr. Kev: You may be right. I'm sure it's part of the Big Pharma conspiracy.

katiedid: Thanks. Sometimes it is really nice to be able to commiserate.

Lisa: you are right. We have a lot to be thankful for. For starters, we got to leave the hospital with our baby. If you read mjenks' blog, he was quite impressed. We're now BFF which is pretty cool especially when his awesome book(s) get published. Not that I'm looking to get anything out of the deal or anything. I'm just saying it will be cool.... maybe a signed copy, but that's it... and a character named after me, even if some of the letters are switched, but that's it... and a paddle ball game, but that's it... and maybe a lamp, but that's it......