Saturday, June 6, 2009

Boulder brewpub advice needed

Tomorrow I am off to attend the National Organic Symposium in Boulder, CO. I expect it to be a superb time.

As is my custom, when I travel, I like to visit local brewpubs and sample their wares. I'm going to go out a limb here and guess that Boulder might have some brewpubs (yup, a few).

I'm looking for suggestions from my highly experienced readership. Where should I go? I will have about 3-4 chances to get out and experience the local brews. So, I need several suggestions of which brewpubs to visit.

I know what you (at least one of you) are thinking. Drive up to Fort Collins and visit Fat Tire world. That possibility is still on the tentative agenda. The NOS lineup is superb, as usual, and I don't plan on skipping any talks. OK, maybe one or two. But that's it. I just might drive to Fort Collins.

Or, I could drive down to Golden and have them bottle some of my piss.... I'm sorry, that was uncalled for. They have enough piss. They don't need mine.

Please, submit all suggestions. Danke!!!!


marcus said...

While in
Boulder Beer Co. (Planet Porter & Hazed & Infused),
Avery brewing (another great pub/food/music) & Mt. Sun.
Longmont: Oskar Blues & Left Hand
Ft. Collins: New Belgium & Odells (best english beers this side of the mississippi!)

Ahh, my old stomping grounds.
I'm jealous, have fun!

P.S. check

Chemgeek said...

Marcus, awesome. Thank you. I will report back as necessary and possible.

pqjulie said...

I highly recommend Mountain Sun (downtown Boulder). And you can check for all others in the area too.