Sunday, June 7, 2009

NOS and Boulder beer- Day 0

I'm tired and I'm going to go to bed, but before I do, a quick recap of my trip to Boulder, CO and the NOS. I must warn you, spelling will not be checked and fragments will be common.

Part 1: The flight.
If you fly a lot, you probably can relate to this:
The plane was 1 hour late leaving MSP due to maintenance issues. Something ab0ut a broken engine. We finally flew. We couldn't land due in Denver due to tornadoes. Holding pattern... Too long. No fuel. Must land in Colorado Springs to refuel. 1.5 hours in Colorado Springs. Finally we make it to Denver. Scheduled landing 1PM. Actual landing 5PM. Rent car. Drive to Boulder. Check in, register. Find beer.

Part 2: Beer
I have no internet access so I can't check the recommendations made previously. I review a restaurant list. Find BJ's Brewpub. It's close. I go there. DAMMIT!!! It's a chain. OK, OK, OK, that's not bad. I should be happy when the small guy makes it big, but I want to taste Boulder beer. The beer at BJ's is pretty good. No complaints. The Brown Ale is superb. Stout at 8.1% alcohol is just too much.

Part 3: UC Racoons
As I was walking to the NOS poster session, I came across 4 racoons on the University of Colorado campus. WTF!!!! I could have gotten rabies.

Part 4: NOS poster session
The poster session was fine. I made 2 important observations.
  1. I am happy to report that the number of attractive female organic chemists is increasing. Tonight it was mostly grad students. About 35% of them were what I would call attractive. Petty? yes. But if you've spent any time in chemistry grad school, this is worth noting.
  2. The UC-Boulder hosted NOS poster session sucked big time due to the fact that they ran out of good beer. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!??!?!? WTFx20. How can you run out of beer?
Part 5: I'm going to bed
Good night.


Dr. Kev said...

Hey Bro, I'm on the right coast at the combichem GRC. My flight was better (first class upgrade), beer not so much (although the Long Tail is good) and the mountains aren't as tall. Male - female ratio is about 10-1...

Oh and it's going to rain all week and I'm sleeping in a dorm room.

Enjoy your beer hunting...

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

If you see my friend Joe, say hi for me, would you? He's out there this week.

Chemgeek said...

Kev- I thought Combichem was withering on the vine.

Matt- I will saw 'Hi' to every Joe or Joseph I see. I will then jump into a conversation about what a great guy Matt is whether they know you or not.

I'm off to hear Grubbs.

I'm skipping breakfast so they better have coffee at the thing.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Dude! Flying still sucks! Glad I got out of the Frequent Flyer mode. Good to note that Chemistry is experiencing an influx of comely females. Now maybe men will stop trying to blow sh*t up. :-)

Dan Weitz said...


Come by Boulder Beer Company, Colorado's First Microbrewery. look it up at

It's not on the mall, but worth the trip.


Dan at Boulder Beer

Chemgeek said...


I'm on my way right now for a pre-supper beer(s).

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Well, they might know me...up until that "great guy" part.