Monday, June 8, 2009

NOS and Boulder beer- Day 1

Today was the first day of the NOS (National Organic Symposium). Here is a brief recap of what transpired today and the beer that I drank. As with the previous post, grammar will most likely be brutalized in this posting. Please forgive me.

Part 1: The Grubbs encounter

Robert Grubbs gave a talk this morning. Grubbs won a Nobel Prize for his work (which he deserved). However, I think he's getting bored. Or at least he has now realized the opportunity to do crazy things. His talk was good. He talked about some crazy polymers he is working on. That was great, but after the talk when most of us got all coffeed-up, I found myself next to the Nobel Laureate himself taking a leak in the men's room. Yup. How many of you have taken a piss next to a Nobel Laureate. Probably not many of you. Here's a conversation we had (at least in my imagination):

Me: Boy, this water sure is cold.
Grubbs: yeah, and deep.
*rim shot*

OK, that conversation didn't happen, but I did notice he is really tall. I'm tall, but he is taller.

Part 2: Other stuff
There was another talk after that and then I had lunch and fell asleep for a while. I woke up and moved on to Part 3.

Part 3: Boulder Beer

I went to the Boulder Beer brewery and drank some beer as instructed by commenters Marcus and Dan. I drank some Hopped and Infused Pale Ale, Planet Porter and Singletrack Copper Ale. They were awesome. The Pale Ale is dry hopped with Cascade, but it is so well balanced the hops don't punch you in the face. The fruity ester overtones make it a fine, fine beer to consume for many hours. The Porter came from their cask. I am a cask whore. I love almost all cask-conditioned beers. This one was so good I almost cried. The Singletrack was a departure from the first two. It was great, but my palate was not prepared. Still, a superb beer. I plan on returning there for more beer. I tasted nothing that was bad. The rumors are correct. Head East on Valmont from 28th street, Take a right onto Wilderness Place and try not to drive in circles. But, if you do drive in circles, realize the brewery is in the middle of the circle.

Part 4: More talks

More talks and posters tonight about stuff. They were all really good and the beer didn't run out at the poster session tonight. I made it back to my room without getting attacked by a racoon (though it was close) and am now ready to go to bed.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

*bottom lip quivering* Cask conditioned porter? Have one in my honor, please?

Adam L. said...

I haven't gotten to take a leak next to a Nobel laureate...

But, I have gotten to listen to Barry Sharpless ramble on pretty much incoherently for an hour, and discovered that Roger Tsien wears a fanny pack (we thought perhaps he kept the prize with him at all times... in the fanny pack).

Those crazy Nobel prize winners!

Neil said...

You guys need to go to a proper CAMRA beer festival:

Surely you can find some conferences in the UK to go to?!

marcus said...

I'm glad that you were able to make it Boulder Beer. The porter is awesome in a bottle much less from a cask.

Speaking of CAMRA...

...damn it I can't make it!

katiedid said...

They have beer at poster sessions??

Chemgeek said...

Katie: Yes indeed!!! Except they ran out on Sunday and Wednesday night.

katiedid said...

Wow, the things I miss going to school on a dry campus...

jaraxle said...

I love Boulder Pale Ale, but only from the keg.

I once took a leak next to John Pople--RIP.