Friday, January 22, 2010

Belated birthday to the blog and goodbye?

This blog was born on January 3, 2007. That's three years ago, and I missed its birthday 20 days ago. oops. It is time to reflect on whether I have accomplished what I wanted to with this blog.

In short, No, not really. My posts on the Chemistry of brewing have been few a far between. My problem is that I plan big ambitious posts and never find the time or motivation to finish them. There's something about having 4-5 classes a semester and 4 kids that really sucks the energy from ones being. Don't get me wrong, I love the life I have with 4-5 classes a semester and 4 kids, but it is not conducive to being a good and comprehensive blogger.

I had hoped this blog would be a source of meaningful information regarding the chemistry of brewing. I never quite got there.

On the other hand, I've written a lot about education and teaching. I usually complain about things, but that's not unusual. And regardless of the subject matter, I've been writing. Not well, but writing none the less. If there is one thing that I need to practice it is writing. I've used this blog to force myself to at least try to craft a thought and make it coherent as written words. I know I will never be 'writer' but I never wanted to be. I just want to exercise my brain.

So, were does that leave this blog?

Well, two days ago, I had a conversation with my brain. We have been mulling over the idea of shutter up this little corner of the internet. I came to a decision (this was just two days ago, BTW). I decided that I would continue to blog, albeit sporadically, as long as blog pal Matt Jenks continued to blog on his site, A Crown of Thistles. I thought, if he ever quits, then I'm going to quit. In a sense, I was merely passing the buck on making a decision.

Guess what? He's quitting (sort of).

To be true to my brain, I'm quitting too. Sort of. I plan on taking a bit of a hiatus. Yeah, yeah I know. I seem to have been on hiatus for the past 2 years.

Anywho, I'm not going to post much around here. Even less than I have. Maybe I'll shut it down completely. I'm not sure yet. Maybe I'll get my second wind and find some inspiration.

Until then,

Good bye cruel world


katiedid said...

I'm sad to see you go but I totally understand. I shut down my blog (knitting) last summer and have never regretted it.

Victoria said...

I am so disappointed. I just found your blog and was so excited. My husband, a chemical engineer, and I, a chemistry teacher, approach our brewing in the same way as you. Loving the science of it as well as the process and product! Can relate to the whole MN thing as he is from ND and we lived there for many years - 10 in college (NDSU/UND) and recently from 2001 - 2007. My husband worked on an ethanol project a few months back so asked for a microscope for Xmas (which he got) to monitor his yeast and check for contamination/bacteria. I thought we had found another science/brewing geek like us. Well, we did but now you are stopping. So sad. As I write, we are cooling the wort on a German Altbier. Will oxygenated when cool (his birthday present). Sorry to see it end but I will read some of your older posts. Personally, I think chemistry and brewing are the perfect combination.


Liberal Arts Chemist said...

Well, however this plays out thanks for the blog. The trajectory that you describe is a common one. The blog starts out with ideals and by necessity turns into a journal and then a hassle and then a chore. We were there for the "Golden Age" of chemistry blogs: Stiles (who sold his soul for journalism) Bracher (who was finally treed and tranquilized by his research group), Propter Doc (who lost her edge when she realized people were actually reading her cathartic postings) and of course Finchmisgate (who self immolated). But then above it all Saint Lowe who still somehow finds the time to write cogent chemistry postings daily. It was quite a ride and I am richer for it. Thanks for being part of it all. It was fun.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Crap. You KNOW this is eating at my Catholic guilty conscience, right? I'm going to forever think of myself as the one who killed Homebrew and Chemistry.

Thanks for that. Thanks a lot.

But, thanks (in all seriousness) for being one of my oldest and best blogfriends. If we ever cross paths, I'll totally throw some benadryl down my windpipe and chase them with a Fat Tire. Or two. And then it's off to the emergency room.

It'd be worth it.

The Curious Chemistry Grad said...


Al Capone said...

I understand. I just found your blog and found the tannins info and pdf link of use. I live in Japan and brew and don't know squat about chemistry. Ray Daniels book helps, but so does your blog. Thanks for the input.

Brian said...

Sorry to see you go. I hope you get that second wind.

Anonymous said...

Please, don't leave. Just post when you can.