Thursday, January 28, 2010

It still stinks

After spending a week wallowing in a state of self-pity, I've come to a few conclusions about the Vikings loss in the NFC championship game.

  1. Without Brett Favre the Vikings don't play in the Championship
  2. Brett Favre is, as he was for Green Bay, the Vikings greatest asset and greatest liability
  3. However, Favre did not lose the game, Adrian Peterson did with his fumbles (despite an otherwise great game).
  4. The Vikings should have been able to score at least 13 more points than they did. Those chances were fumbled away.
  5. The Defense was superb... right up until overtime.
  6. Uncatchable balls are uncatchable. How can an uncatchable pass be interfered with.
  7. I don't mind ending sentences with prepositions.
  8. After the lose, I was amazed at how emotionally exhausting it is having a successful sports team.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Like I said, welcome to the Packer Fan Experience.

The defense was impressive. New Orleans really did not deserve to win that game. Minnesota let them hang around with the turnovers. And the stupid penalty at the end.

Favre didn't lose it, but his stupid decision to pass on the last play didn't help. He should have just kept running, but the beating the Saints had put on him probably is what made him go back to Bad Brett as opposed to Good Brett that Minnesota saw for most of the season.

And, I'm pulling hard for the Colts. Since the game isn't in New Orleans, maybe then the NFL won't think "we need to do this for the city of New Orleans".

marcus said...

I don't follow sports to closely for that reason (the emotionally exhuasting part). That being said, this year is going to be awesome with the winter olympics up next, cycling's spring classics, Tour de France, and the OTHER Football (soccer) World Cup! Oh yeah, don't forget the World Cup of Beer due up in early April! What a great year.

Chemgeek said...

Marcus, ah yes! Finally curling will get the attention it deserves.

OrganicOverdose said...

I totally agree with 3. That guy (Peterson) is a liability but he can make some great runs too. Just pick another team to watch for the final and then wait for next year.

At least you have an excuse to brew some more beerz. Wallowing in self pity won't get you drunk but the drinking that comes with it will.

Dr Zibbs said...

Jan 28th? Get bloggin' my man.

Chemgeek said...

Dude, I'm retired