Monday, January 4, 2010


Avatar has made a billion dollars and counting.

You would think they could have hired someone to teach Sigourney Weaver how to use an Eppendorf Pipette.

If you've seen it, did you notice? If you haven't, watch for it when they take the trailer to a remote location (you'll know what I mean).

Not to mention that since the film is set in 2154 it seems odd that Eppendorf would not have updated their design for about 160 years.


Eric said...

You know, out of all the discontinuities in that movie, that was the one that stood out to me as the only 'Huh?' moment.

adsxadsd said...

Hah even I, a electrical engineering student noticed that!
Maybe Eppendorf Pipettes are just that good now.

OrganicOverdose said...

I saw that straight away and said to my non-chemist brother that is so the wrong way to use that before I realised that he didn't care.