Sunday, September 16, 2007

Too few hours

I'm sorry, 24 hours is not nearly enough to do all of the stuff I want and need to do.

Today, I spent about 10 hours installing trim in my basement. I watched only 5 minutes of football. For me, Sundays are typically spent getting annoyed by the Minnesota Vikings and keeping track of my fantasy football team. Not today. It was all spent putting fancy pieces of wood on the wall. That's OK, I needed to get the trim done. This one-year project is three years old.

The biggest thing I missed was brewing. I was going to brew a pale ale today, but that never happened. Hopefully, I will be able to brew tomorrow night. However, I also need to can what few tomatoes my garden produced. Maybe that will be a Tuesday project.

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mjenks said...

Yeah, my month-long bathroom refurbishing has gone on two years now. Of course, it would help if the buxom and comely Boudica didn't change her mind every few months as to what she wants done in there.

I need to get cranking on it this week. The buxom and comely Boudica's mom shows up in two weeks.