Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fat Tire: The Return of the King

OK, maybe The Arrival of the King is better title. I am pleased to report.... Fat Tire is now available in my town. I am mere miles away from a local source.

If you have read this blog before, you are probably sick of hearing me talk about Fat Tire and how I love it. I have tried to clone it three times. First time... yuck!!! The second time was nicht so gut!!! The third time resulted in a much better beer. It was good, but was it like the real Fat Tire?

I had no way of finding out... until now. BEHOLD:
I bought that here in my own town and drank it, and it was good. It is a fine beer for many reasons, but I love the toasted barley finish it has. It is such a satisfying flavor in my opinion.

So, how does my Fat Tire clone compare? Well, not very well. My beer is still quite good, but man, it ain't not Fat Tire. As you can see the color is way off.
I'm on the right there. The only thing I had in my favor was the head. My beer retained a nice full head for a lot longer than the original. I'm not sure if that really matters, but hey, I've got something.

So, there you go. Now I can quite bitching about not having access to Fat Tire, and I will never try to clone it again.


Ψ*Ψ said...

Fat Tire is alright...I don't remember being that impressed by it, though.

Chemgeek said...

It clearly depends on one's personal taste and preference, but what I have noticed is that people who like Fat Tire *really* like Fat Tire. I'm one of those.

doll said...

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