Monday, September 17, 2007

Beer names

I mentioned a long time ago that I want to name my beers. I still haven't come up with anything good. So, I thought I would try out the new poll feature of Blogger and let you, the reader decide.

I am brewing a pale ale tonight. It is one of my favorites. It is a loose clone of Mirror Pond Pale Ale (one of my all time favorites). It is loaded with cascade hops. Tonight I am experimenting with some amarillo hops as flavor hops. I'll know in a few weeks how it worked.

Anyways, I need help naming this beer. Check out the poll to the right and offer up your suggestions. Don't like the options? Give your own ideas in the comments.

FYI, here's the recipe:

2 lb Pale malt
1 lb crystal malt
90 minutes at 152°F
3 lbs pale dry malt extract
1 oz cascade hops for 45 minutes
0.5 oz amarillo hops for 15 minutes
0.25 oz cascade hops for 15 minutes

in a week I will dry hop with 1.75 oz of cascade hops.


milkshake said...

In reference to the Pantex plant - located in Amarillo, TX - I would propose

"Nucular Pale Ale"


Captain Catalysis said...

EJ Pale Ale? How about giving credit where credit is due, and calling it the Woodward-Hoffman Pale Ale?

mjenks said...

I would go toward Tetrahedral Pale Ale, instead of Tetrahedron. But, that's just me. Or just go Tetrahedrale.

mjenks said...

Also, Metathesis can't be a pale ale. It has to be either something with some fruit in it (raspberry wheat) or something dark (porter, stout, barleywine).

Or something overly hopped, so that it can be a cross-metathesis X-treme Ale.

Chemgeek said...

I knew I'd get great ideas.

Captain, I'm going to avoid the whole controversy until EJ is dead. Then, I'll make all sorts of claims when he can't defend himself.

mjenks, I like the way you think. I think I may use the "cross-metathesis Xtreme" name for a future IPA. And I went back and forth with the tetrahedral/tetrahedron name. I'm starting to lean more towards the tetrahedral. Or maybe I should call it SP3 Pale Ale. hmmmmmmm

synthetic environment said...

Great idea to have a named-beer!

Indeed, why not a Woodward pale ale (it is said he was quite a drinker). Maybe a Wöhler (or Woller) Pale Ale.

Willy said...

I'll suggest a brew name and slogan my buddy used for one of his brews...I don't think he'd mind:

Bitch Slap Pale Ale
"If your woman gets out of line, give her a Bitch Slap...Bitch Slap Pale Ale. It'll leave her face red."