Thursday, September 13, 2007

Brew season opener

The temperature in Minnesota is dropping. That means the basement will soon be at proper fermentation temperature. All summer, even with air conditioning, the coldest the basement would get was about 72° to 74° F. That is a tad too high for fermenting beer.

But now, it's time to start brewing again. The 2 month layoff was made tolerable by a well stocked beer cellar. The temperature should soon be a very nice 66° to 68° F. When the temperature drops too low for the carboys to sit on the basement floor, I either set them on a shelf or bring them upstairs.

I'm also going to try to do some garage lagering. It's not a perfect approach. That would require a refrigerator.

I'll keep you posted on my brewing activities.

1 comment:

mjenks said...

I was noticing the paucity of full fermentors in the side-bar. I wondered what was going on. Good to hear that they'll soon begin to be filled once more.