Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hop crisis. This time it's personal.

I drove to one of my favorite homebrew supply stores today. Since I have to drive a total of 160 miles to get these supplies, I usually purchase enough supplies for 3-4 batches. Today, I was significantly hindered by the lack of hops.

My supply store is great. They ship all over the place. They are always well stocked, but their hop supply is currently limited. They are well supplied with Kent Goldings, Target and Amarillo. However, they are totally out of Cascade, Halltertau, Fuggles, Chinook, and Saaz. I had to do a lot of modifying of my recipes. They won't be hopped exactly as I would like, but necessity is the mother of invention... or so they say. They should still turn out, and who knows maybe they will be better.

Time will tell.

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