Thursday, January 17, 2008

My own beer reviews

I've never reviewed my beers before. So, I thought I would do just that.

Beer #1 Guinness Clone.
Served at cellar temperature (56°F). Review: Good, really good.

Beer #2 Cream Ale

Review: Good. Will be better in 2 weeks.

Beer #3 Metathesis Pale Ale

Review: Good and good.

Beer #4 Spiced Ale

Review: Good and strong and good.

Clearly I'm no Michael Jackson. And my picture taking sucks. Oh well, at least my beer is...well...good!!!


milkshake said...

Man, those look good-good!

Have you ever try to make a doppel-bock kind of lager?

synthetic environment said...

Wowww... Deep respect...

montanamary said...

Looks like a little work on adjectives is in order but that being said I would drink the hell out of those beers!

mjenks said...

*sigh* There's something wrong with that middle one. Oh, no, wait, it's just the glass it's in. :D

milkshake said...

I guess you made that sacrifice for the sake of this blog and consumed all four depicted glasses one after another in one sitting and it like totally ruined the evening :)

Chemgeek said...

Milkshake, it was NOT in one sitting... I had to stand up and walk to get to the fridge. So it was actually 7 sittings (some picture not shown).

And my evening was NOT ruined. My morning was a bit slow, however.


Do you mean the Budweiser glass? I'm not sure how I acquired that glass, but it holds beer real good.


you've read my writing. I'm not so good with the words.

mjenks said...

I guess at this point I can insert a "that's the first time that poor glass has ever held a real beer in its life" comment here.

milkshake said...

Look, Bud is not one of my favorites (and it tends to give me a headache) - but I am willing to drink less than stellar watery beers such as Foster or Coors or Kirin or Michelob on a hot afternoon after some soccer or to wash down a BBQ or just because they serve it free on a transcontinental flight. You can justly call these "a beer-soda" but one drinks them for thirst, quick and in volume and as cold as possible. Heffewitze would sure taste better in the same circumstances but I am willing to tank in any beer that I don't have to pay for.

Besides, Anheiser Bush now owns few decent small breweries such as Stonemill - the only complaint I would have about their passable stuff is that it is somewhat overpriced.

Chemgeek said...

I have NOTHING against the typical American lager such as Bud. I have drunk and do drink many varieties. IMHO, calling something a "lawnmower" beer is not meant to be an insult.
These beers have their role.

However, when is comes to more complex and interesting flavors, Bud can never compare to craft beers or homebrew.

marcus said...

FYI, Stone Mill is not a brewery. The beers under those labels are brewed by other breweries and distributed by them (AB owns a portion of them, such as Redhook). This business model is practiced by many breweries.

Also, Stone Mill is not 100% Organic, the hops are regular hops. The FDA allows any company to call their product Organic as long as the unorganic portion is under 5%.

My point is everyone must educate themselves on what they are eating and drinking, it's not always what it seems.