Thursday, January 24, 2008

What's your base bath recipe?

For all of those chemists who read this, what is your preferred recipe for a base bath?

Mine is: dump some KOH into some EtOH. Stir to dissolve. Use.

Not very precise.

What do you use?

[for the brewers who read this, don't worry. I'll have a question for you in a few days.]


Captain Catalysis said...

KOH/iPrOH. No water.

Replace when it turns green or orange.

milkshake said...

yeah, people tend to use iPrOH with KOH because thanol darkens quite fast (oxidation of ethanolate produces acetaldehyde, which ten turns into dark polymers) It is probably just an aesthetic thing.

I dont use base bath because it supports bad habits (people always leave and forget their most terrible baked on stuff) and I try to clean my glass right as it gets used. The really difficult insoluble things I save for time when i am ready to mess with Piranha.

In Prague we have been using basic soak bath consisting of KOH with plenty of K3PO4 (or some other K-phosphate - Na phosphates are unsuitable because Na3PO4 hydrate tends to crash out) with added spoon of a cheap anionic sulfonate household detergent in a bucket. It works quite nice for weting glass surfaces, the organics fall off from the glass.

mjenks said...

I second the KOH/iPrOH movement.

Store in hood so the asshole Chinese guy that no one wanted to hire won't be able to complain about "smelling organics" in the lab.

Chemgeek said...

OMG!!!! Not organics!!!!!Let's not joke about it. Everyone who has smelled something organic has or will die.

Avoid smelling organics!!!!

mjenks said...

I think you're confusing "organics" with "my gas".

It was one of his excuses for not working in the lab. For 9 months, he sat in his cube. The day before lay-offs were announced, he came into the lab, set up one reaction, and then I didn't see him again until two weeks after I started my new job.

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