Saturday, August 1, 2009

96 and counting...

By my calculations, I have brewed 96 batches of beer in my homebrewing career. I must admit, I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Obviously 96 is close to 100 and batch 100 must be a momentous brew. For batch #100 I want to brew something worthy of being batch #100.

At this point I have no idea what I'm going to brew. Here are my brew plans leading up to 100.

97: Carbon Black Stout
98: Metathesis Pale Ale
99: American Cream Ale
100: ?????????

I need your help. What type of beer should I brew for #100?

Since I only have two available fermenters (2 are full in my lagering fridge) it will take a while to get through 97, 98 and 99.

Suggestions, please.


seeandyspin said...

well it's gotta be an imperial something in my opinion. i'd make it big!

Chemgeek said...

I agree with the big concept. My original thought was a barleywine. But I've never brewed one and I don't #100 to be too much of an experiment.

Anonymous said...

La fin du monde clone

Anonymous said...

here are few ideas...

cherry stout...I made one several years ago using canned sour cherries (10 cans, I think). While messy to make (DO NOT use a glass carboy!), the taste was incredible.

something seasonal...personally, I have never brewed a pumpkin ale. But based on all of the really bad ones I have had they must be a real challenge to make (same goes for smoked beers, but Alaskan Smoked Porter is outstanding).

a nice and hoppy IPA...go all out with as many different hop varieties as you can find (within reason)...see if you can get that perfect balance of high IBUs (on the edge, but not over it) with intense hop flavor and a hop back in your chem lab (if you haven't already done so)...use the experience you have gained from the first 99 beers and just try to construct the best beer you have ever brewed

Anonymous said...

Everyone does a 100th beer... it's a bit passé, don't you know. you should ignore that and concentrate on brew #101 - your worst nightmare beer.

Flash said...

A "100-minute IPA" with hop additions added every minute throughout.

Neil said...

Something dark, treacly and strong - I'm thinking along the lines of Old Peculier:

Spoken of in hushed tones by those who like that sort of thing

milkshake said...

Almost anyone can manage a big malty dry-hoped bomb that tuts you in slumber after two pints. Making an impressive light brew is much harder actually.

Since its getting warm, you may try some light frothy. The preceding suggestion about sour-cherry-based whitbeer sounds most promising. I never had that stuff but I have most fond memories from my chilhood, about sour cherry home-made juice. In case you try this, leave the pits in the mash, they provide extra almondy note.

Chemgeek said...

I am greatly intrigued by the suggestions I have received.

But, I must admit, it only makes matters more difficult.

Here are my top 3 choices (which I am considering doing at 100, 101, and 102).

A) Imperial Stout aged over oak
B) 100-minute IPA (very cool idea)
C) Something with sour cherries.

I've decided it will be strong (7-10%) and it will require long term storage (6-8 weeks) after fermentation.

I will update my thoughts in an upcoming post.