Thursday, August 27, 2009

Double brew and stuff

I recently brewed two batches of beer at the same time. I brewed my Carbon Black Stout and my Metathesis Pale Ale. Things went well. Which is amazing since I was also taking care of my 4 kids and managed to feed them and give all of them baths. I am a world-class father, no doubt about it.


The Carbon Black recipe calls for flaked oats, but I had none. No problem. I used some instant Quaker Oats which will serve the same purpose.


I exploded some hydrogen balloons for my General Chem class today. I love doing that. It makes my kidneys move.


The weather in Minnesota this time of year is just unbelievably perfect.


I suspect I am almost beerless. The only beer I currently have on tap is a Grand Cru kit beer from my favorite supplier. It is deceptively strong and blatantly delicious. Based on consumption patterns, the keg is close to dry. Due to my poor foresight and time, I am 2 weeks from having something new on tap.


Adam L. said...

That Carbon Black Stout sounds delicious (as long as it's not actually made of carbon, i.e. activated charcoal).

We're coming up for the Fair next weekend and I may need to come over to your house and drink some of it.

~E said...

Question for a chemist...does the assumingly high alcohol content of your blood (and Im assuming just by the amount of beer/liquor related topics in your posts) ever wreak havok on your class experiments? I mean, have you ever accidentally breathed on a lit bunsen burner and accidentally singed someone's eyebrows off?

Cuz that would be awesome!

Chemgeek said...

No, nothing too crazy happens, but my glass of scotch started on fire during lab once. That was embarrassing.