Friday, November 13, 2009

beer 100

As you may recall, I've brewed a few batches of beer. Over 100 now to be inexact. For batch 100, I decided to do an imperial stout that weighs in at 10.0% ABV.

It's currently in the secondary chillin' over some oak. The gravity is now down to 1.028 from an OG of 1.098

Here are some pictures:

The big starter. I got this baby going. So big that when I gave it a good swirl, the entire thing erupted into a 6 foot geyser out of the airlock all over my kitchen. It reminded me of something. I had quite a mess to clean up.

Here the brew kettle:

Here's the fermentation

Here's the blow off tube. This thing was really bubbling. I was impressed.

I tasted some recently and it is strong and good.

2 comments: said...

Russian Imperial Stout is an awsome beer. I have 3 gals. from last year aging to a drinkable condition. I'm looking forward to sharing it with friends next year. Hope yours ages well.
P.S. How come I'm not on your blog list? Cheers!

Popatop said...

Just brewed my first IPA and my bubbler wanted to see what is was like to fly. Next time I'm going to use a hose like yours. Could you please tell me what diameter it is and if you ever cosidered going over the outside with a hose and ziptie?