Monday, November 2, 2009

UHP He for the kids

So, what do you do when your tank of ultra-high purity helium drops down to 100 psi? The pressure is too low for the GC (gas chromatograph). I could just send it back as is to the gas store when I get a new tank, but I see opportunity here.

I brought it home to the kids.

I filled some balloons I had on hand and then filled some garbage bags I stole from the janitor's closet.

The garbage bags are surprisingly good at holding He.

My kids think I'm the greatest dad ever.

I think I'm in the running for:


milkshake said...

here in Florida, when a hurricane is about to have a direct hit and the campus evacuated the day before, we finish the day by releasing "weather balloons" - giant black trash bags filled with He - and watching them as they disappear into distance over a windy menacing overcast sky..

Clint said...

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