Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Personal revelation

While teaching my math class, I just realized I have been doing FOIL wrong all these years.

I've actually been doing FIOL instead. My God, how embarrassing.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

How can you show your face in public?

Liberal Arts Chemist said...

If you want to feel like a genius again try teaching a Science Education course. I know that after spending three hours with Education students that parts of my mind feel near God-like omniscience. On the other hand, the rational / critical / cynical part of my mind is forced into a corner and is rocking back and forth with the realization that these people will be teachers a year from now.

At least your students are capable of algebra, mine are challenged by stringing bright beads on yarn.

Adam L. said...

Whoops! Time to go back to middle school!

(PS I don't think I could teach anyone that now... which is why I probably won't teach!)

Chemgeek said...

Matt: I go to the box and I feel shame.

Liberal Arts: I hope they all teach kindergarten. Bright beads on yarn is key there.

Adam: It's amazing how much you recall when teaching. In this math class, for example, I remember doing much of this in grade school.

Aroma Polyamide said...

Take a dip in fresh water and do not discuss this out any more!!