Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cream Ale name

I've decided (unless I change my mind) on a name for my cream ale.

Thanks to everyone for the ideas.

I decided I want to utilize some alliteration. So the name will include the letter 'C.'

And, I wanted to use a noun and not a adjective.

So, I'm going to borrow an idea from "SubDriver" who suggested the name "covalent."

I'm going to noun the adjective and turn it into "covalency"

The name of my cream ale shall thusly be:

Covalency Cream Ale


SavageSteve said...

Cool name... and you verbed a noun!

Chemgeek said...

I love verbing nouns

Adam L. said...

I'm sure you feel a very strong bond to this ale.

Like it would take a lot of energy to break you two apart.

Umm... I can't think of any more puns right now.

Chemgeek said...

Nice...very nice.