Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Boston brewpub review #1

RockBottom Brewery

OK, it is not a home-grown brewpub unique to Boston. But, it was within walking distance of my hotel, I had just flown in, and I had about 2 hours of "airplane" sleep during the last 48 hours. I didn't want to put too much effort into it.

I plopped myself at the bar in front of a widescreen HDTV and watched the Yankees game that was on. If you want a fun time, watch a Yankees game at a bar in Boston. It was even better because Clemens was pitching. Boston fans do not like the Yankees and it shows.

Anyways, I ordered beer. With most brewpubs, the beer is almost always good. Rarely have I had a beer I would call bad. There are types of beer I prefer and some I don't.

The beer at Rock Bottom is pretty dang good.

They had a cask conditioned Irish Stout. Superb. Very delicious and served at the perfect stout temperature. They also had the Irish Stout on tap. Good, but too cold to really enjoy what a stout is all about.
I sampled the cask conditioned IPA also. Delicious. Cascade and centennial hops were evident.
The Munich Gold was a wonderful Saaz hop experience.

The food and service were both great. After 4 beers and in the state I was in, I headed back to my hotel room and was asleep by 9PM. No big night on the town for me.


Anonymous said...

Your rockbottom experience was way better than mine. I went to the Portland, Oregon location and they didn't have any cask ales or really anything special at all. Just the normal lineup - a stout, a porter, an ipa, and an amber. All that I tried were mediocre without anything interesting. I mean, I guess there normal lineup is meant for the masses and not the connoisseur, but I still expected something better. Especially in a city like Portland where there is so much good beer around, you'd think they'd have to step it up to keep people coming.

(BTW, I've been lurking reading your blog for a bit. I'm a homebrewer around the same stage of development (extract and partial-mash) and I like your chemistry insight on beer. Forget how I found the blog, probably when researching IBU calculation.)


Chemgeek said...

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

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