Friday, August 17, 2007

Off to Boston soon

I'm off to Boston for the ACS soon. I present a paper on Sunday afternoon.

My only other goal of the trip is to get an autograph from E.J. Corey and Roald Hoffman on the same piece of paper (or something). I did get an E.J. autograph a few years ago when I was still in grad school, but I cannot find it in any of my things. I think a lab mate stole it.

I may try to do some updates about the conference while I'm there, but enough bloggers do things like that. What I might do is blog about beer and the ACS.

Which leads me to my question:

I will be staying in the downtown Boston area (area'r in the vernacular). Does anyone who reads this blog know of any good brewpubs in Boston. I've been to one near Harvard (don't remember the name), but I don't know of any others. The main stipulation is that it must be accessible using cheap public transportation from the Boston Commons vicinity.


Captain Catalysis said...

Boston Beer Works

elderchemgeek said...

John Harvards is the one near Harvard Square.

Anonymous said...

whoah there. Accusing ex-lab mates of thievery? What is that about?

marcus said...

Would like to hear your comments on the local brewpubs in that area, and any homebrew stores

Brian (Beer:30 Chair For Life) said...

When I was a postdoc at MIT, Marty's Liquors had the best selection of beer, and they had homebrewing supplies. At the time I brewed from malt extract, so I don't recall much about the rest of their selection.

mjenks said...

You should try and find some Sea Hag. I think it might only come in cans, but I thought the name was funny enough that I've put it on my list of beers that I must try.